Release Notes

Release V1.3 - 10/12/2009

  1. Made DownLater free.
  2. Removed code related to registration.

Release V1.2 - 1/7/2000

  1. Handle Cookies with an Empty value field. This bug could have caused new cookies to be ignored by DownLater.
  2. Support new Cookie file format that has no carriage returns.

Release V1.1

  1. Support new Registry format used by Netscape Communicator V4.5 for finding users "cookie.txt" file.
  2. Ask for file save location on first download instead of saving to nonexistent "downloads\" directory.

Release V1.0

  1. Prevent accidental downloading of HTML files unless option is selected.
  2. Stop flashing of background window while downloading.

Release V0.7 Beta

  1. Cleaned up handling of window WM_CLOSE and WM_DESTROY events.
  2. Improved demo mode features.

Release V0.6 Beta

  1. Added support for drag and drop from Internet Explorer
  2. Progress dialog now shows  byte rate and estimated time to completion.
  3. Removed option to set download directory except using SaveAs.
  4. Added HTML page for checking bad links and missing cookies using browser.
  5. BUG FIX - URL ending in '/' acts like a bad cookie site. Trap '/'
  6. BUG FIX - Handles URLs with no object like URL =
  7. BUG FIX - Downloads from didn't work.

Release V0.5 Beta has fixes for the following problems reported with V0.4

  1. Early timeout preventing validation and download.
  2. Extra comma in bytes reported eg. ",567,234 bytes".
  3. Timeout in Download did not drop progress box until user clicked in window.
  4. SaveAs when names collide does not allow cancel. User stuck in loop.
  5. Installer now appends "DownLater" to destination name if missing.

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