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5/15-10/20/2002 Jsyn Sounds for Clouds at Swiss Expo

6/5/2001 - JSyn selected for Java One Keynote Demo, audience of 10,000.

5/1/2001 - NYU Students Final Projects using JSyn and JMSL

4/9/2001 - JSyn V14.2 released.

1/7/2001 - WebDrum featured on "Audio Links of the Month" for German Radio station SWR2



Audio/Music Synthesis API for Java
Wire is a Graphical Modular Sound Editor for JSyn
(Windows, Macintosh, and Linux)
Plugins, Developer SDK, Documentation, Example Applets, CSyn
16 bit audio I/O for Java (Mac, Windows)
Engineering services available: digital audio, DSP, ASIC design, Java, 'C' and Forth.
Collaboration Server for music jams, chat and games
WebDrum a Multi-User Drum Jam using TransJam
PortAudio - cross-platform audio I/O library. (PC and Macintosh) JMSL - Java Music Specification Language, an Algorithmic Composition API for Java
DownLater - Download manager. (PC) JavaMidi - Java API for MIDI (PC and Macintosh)
JForth - Native Subroutine-Threaded Forth Package (Amiga)  pForth - very portable, 'C' based ANS Forth for workstations and embedded systems.
Faces of War - an Applet to honor the dead. HMSL - Hierarchical Music Specification Language, MIDI composition in Forth. (Macintosh)

Visit the on-line gallery of our resident artist, Mary Valente.

"If you can be free of conventions, that is extraordinary; if you intentionally value the unusual, that is not extraordinary but weird." -(Huanchu Daoren, c.1600 trans. by Thomas Cleary)

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