Incompatibility between javamidi and QuickTime 5

A user found a problem installing and running QuickTime 5 after he'd had javamidi running for a while.  Not only did QuickTime refuse to work, but so did javamidi.  He described the problem as follows:

> >>  Hi,
> >>  I've been using java midi for some QTJava [QuickTime for Java] based art installations with
> >>  best results. Now that I updated to QT5 yesterday, I had to realize the
> >>  two obviously don't like each other - resulting in immediate system
> >>  crashes (error code 5 on MacOS 9.04) soon as is called
> >>  or QT not starting at all, when midiport is opened first. In case you
> >>  are allready aware of this: is there a solution to the problem? Or maybe
> >>  one to come?

Tom Erbe found a workaround, and describes it as follows:

> I just upgraded to QT 5 to check this out, and sure enough, the
> javamidi code wasn't working with QT 5. I then tried to start OMS
> Setup, and my machine froze, so I dug in a little further. Here is
> how I got things working again.
> 1 - Start the Quicktime Settings control panel. It needs to be run
> once before anything works. Check the Music section to make sure
> everything looks normal here.
> 2 - Remove all of the OMS Preferences and any Autosetups in the OMS
> Folder in the System Folder
> 3 - Reinstall the latest OMS (2.3.8)
> 4 - Restart
> 5 - Run OMS Setup
> 6 - Recompile your Java application
> After I did all this, my Java MIDI code worked once again. I think
> the problem is that the old OMS autosetup file conflicts with the new
> QT5 Music driver.

Hope this helps, if you're experiencing the same problem.