README for Macintosh Version of MidiPort

Software written by Robert Marsanyi. Ported to JNI by Tom Erbe. README by Phil Burk.

Installing and Compiling the MidiPort Software.

  1. We recommend using the latest version of MRJ from Apple.
  2. Place the file "MidiPort" in your "System Folder:Extensions" folder.
  3. Compile the "" and "" file using javac.
  4. Place the newly created "jmidi" folder in your "System Folder:Extensions:MRJLibraries:MRJClasses" folder.

Testing the MidiPort Software

  1. Compile the files "" and "" using javac.
  2. Use JBindery to execute the class "Main", passing parameters:
  3. -device 0 0
    You should see a list of available devices printed in the message window, and a single note will play. You can change the numbers to target different input and output devices.