Package com.softsynth.jsyn.view11x

Interface Summary
Tweakable Tweakable Interface Used with LabelledFader and other editing components.

Class Summary
BarGraphEditor Edit an array of double values using a bar-graph style display.
CheckboxPanel A Panel containing an array of N checkboxes.
DecibelPortFader Fader for controlling a JSyn Port using a decibel scale.
EnvelopeEditor Edit a vector of ordered duration,value pairs suitable for use with a SynthEnvelope.
ExponentialPortFader Fader for controlling a Java Synthesis Unit's Port.
InsetPanel Panel with insets that can be used to border a centered component.
LabelledFader Fader with Label and value display.
PortFader Fader for controlling a Java Synthesis Unit's Port.
SoundTester Test SynthSound or SynthCircuit by putting PortFaders on all SynthInputs.
SynthScope Oscilloscope
UsageDisplay Display percent CPU utilization.
WaveDisplay This class draws an associated short array as a waveform.
WaveMaker Panel for harmonic synthesis of a wave table for JSyn
WaveTrace WaveTrace is a wrapper for the information needed to draw a trace in a wave display.
XYController A 2 dimensional X,Y controller for wave editors, Theremins, etc.