JSyn      ----     Java Audio Synthesis API

Unit Generators include:

  • Arithmetic: AddUnit, AddUnsignedUnit, MultiplyUnit, DivideUnit, MultiplyAddUnit, MultiplyAddUnsignedUnit, SubtractUnit.
  • Logic: CompareUnit, SchmidtTrigger, MaximumUnit, MinimumUnit, LatchUnit, SelectUnit.
  • Control: ExponentialLag, EnvelopePlayer, ParabolicEnvelope (for grains), PeakFollower.
  • Filters: Filter_LowPass, HighPass, BandPass, BandStop, PeakingEQ, LowShelf, HighShelf, StateVariable, Filter_1o1z, Filter_1o1p, Biquad, etc.
  • Noise: WhiteNoise, PinkNoise (1/F), RedNoise (interpolated).
  • Oscillators: SineOscillator, Triangle, Table. The Impulse, Pulse, Sawtooth, and square have simple and band-limited implementations.
  • Miscellaneous: BusReader, BusWriter, DelayUnit, LineOut, LineIn, WaveShaper.

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