Problem Reporting for Products

If you encounter a problem when using a software product from, please check our known bug lists first:
JSyn Bugs
If the bug is not a known problem, then please help us fix it. If we can reproduce the problem in our lab, then we can probably fix it. But first we need some information. Please include the following information in your letter.
  1. One line description of problem.
  2. What is the product name and version number?
  3. What type of computer are you using? CPU, speed, RAM size, and operating system version are most important.
  4. If using a plugin, what version of what browser are you using?
  5. If using a Java API, what JDK version are you using?
  6. If there was a problem with the website, what was the URL?
  7. What were you doing when the problem occured? Please provide enough information for us to reproduce the problem.
  8. What did you expect to happen?
  9. What actually happened? (Please don't say "it didn't work". We need to know what the machine actually did do like whether it crashed or hung, or did nothing, or displayed incorrectly, or made a wierd clicking noise, or caught fire.)
  10. Please include any error messages that were displayed. (Java plugins may print errors in the Java Console which may be optionally displayed. Look in the browser menus.)
  11. Please use a subject line that describes the topic like "can't read sample file from web" or "audio input won't start". Then other people can browse the subject lines in the archive and find answers to their questions. Subjects like "why does my code not work" don't mean much to someone searching for letters related to SynthEnvelope.
For JSyn, please report bugs to the JSyn mail list.
For JavaSonics, please report bugs to the JavaSonics mail list.
For other products, please send your report to us here

Thank you very, very much! Problem reports help us to improve our products.We appreciate your taking the time to write to us.