JSyn - modular synthesis API for Java.
JMSL - Java Music Specification Language
PortAudio - cross platform audio I/O API for 'C'

Syntona - Graphical Editor for JSyn

What is Syntona?

Syntona is a graphical editor you can use to build and play patches using JSyn unit generators. Syntona patches that contain only JSyn modules can be exported as Java source code.

Download Syntona

Syntona may be downloaded and used only for personal and academic use. Syntona may not be redistributed.

This downloadable archive contains an executable JAR file, a Quick Start guide, release notes, and example patches.

Syntona is a Java app. So you must install the Java JRE 8 from Oracle before using Syntona. - V0.5.26 Build 53, October 8, 2022

Release Notes

Note for Macintosh Users: You may see a warning because this was not downloaded from the Mac App Store. If you right-click on "syntona.jar" then select Open, then you will have the option to run the application. This is only required the first time you run it.

Please note that this is an experimental beta release. We cannot guarantee upward compatibility of patches made using Syntona. But we will try not to break old patches.

Older Versions - V0.5.25 Build 52 - V0.5.24 Build 51 - V0.5.22 Build 49 - V0.5.21 Build 48 - V0.5.14 Build 41 - V0.5.13 Build 40 - V0.5.12 Build 39 - V0.5.11 Build 38 - V0.5.10 Build 37 - V0.5.9 Build 36 - V0.5.8 Build 35 - V0.5.5 Build 32 - V0.5.4 Build 31 - V0.5.3 Build 30