Wire - a Graphical Patch Editor for JSyn

The Wire software and documentation is Copyright 2000-2008 by SoftSynth.com, All Rights Reserved

Wire is a graphical patch editor for JSyn. Wire allows you to design new instruments and sound effects interactively by connecting unit generators in a "flow diagram". Registered Developers can then generate Java source code that will create a JSyn SynthCircuit. You can then use the instrument in a Java Applet or application.Version 1.3 of Wire is designed to accompany V14.4 of JSyn.

Click here for a screenshot of Wire.

Latest release is 1.3 build 19, 10/13/08. Wire is available for Windows and Macintosh OS X.

Please report any bugs or suggestions through our contact page.

Download Wire

A fully featured version of Wire is available only to licensed JSyn developers. Click here for information on licensing.

A demo version of Wire is available that does everything except export Java source code.

Wire may not be redistributed by any means.

Documentation including Installation Instructions

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