Interface CustomFaderListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
InternalLabelledFader, LabelledFader, PortFader

public interface CustomFaderListener

Interface to get values back from a CustomFader. Any class that uses a CustomFader will be notified of its value being changed by implementing this interface.

Nick Didkovsky and Phil Burk

Method Summary
 void customFaderValueChanged(java.lang.Object fader, int value)
          Handle a value change from a CustomFader.

Method Detail


void customFaderValueChanged(java.lang.Object fader,
                             int value)
Handle a value change from a CustomFader. We have to pass back the fader as a class object because we are trying to support both AWT 1.0.2 and AWT 1.1 and InternalCustomFader only knows 1.0.2.