JSyn | Plugin

UNInstall JSyn Plugin

This Applet will list all of the JSyn plugin files. You can then select some or all of the files and delete them.

Some of the plugin files may be locked by the browser. In that case you may have to exit the browser and delete them by hand. Close all Java applications including Open Office and Eclipse. Then search for "jsyn.jar" and delete it. On Windows the "jsyn/jar" file is probably somewhere under "C:\Program Files\Java\". On Mac it is probably in your "Library/Java/Extensions" folder.

A dialog box will soon appear asking you for permission to remove the JSyn plugin.
Please click "Yes" or "OK" or "Grant" or "Trust" when asked.

Or if the box above is blank with a little red X in the corner then you need to install Java so please go here.

As far as we know, this uninstaller works. If the installer does not work then please copy the full text from the Applet above and send it in an email to us here.