For JSyn Plugins on Windows (PCs) using the SUN Java Plugin

The SUN Java Plugin is a Java Virtual Machine plugin for Internet Explorer and Netscape. It is the recommended JVM for use with JSyn.

If you have installed the SUN JDK then you may already have the browser plugin. Try enabling it as described below. If that doesn't work then you can download the plugin free from SUN. Then reinstall the JSyn Plugin.

Enabling the SUN Java Plugin

  1. Open "Control Panels" from the Windows "Start" menu (lower left).
  2. Double click on the most recent "Java Plug-in ...." icon. If you cannot find a "Java Plug-in ..." icon then you can download it from below.
  3. Select the Browser tab.
  4. Check Internet Explorer or Netscape or both if you use both.
  5. Close the browser completely and reopen it. Bye!
  6. If you have not already installed the JSyn plugin specifically for the SUN Java, then reinstall the JSyn plugin from here.

Download SUN Java Plugin

If you do not already have the SUN plugin, then you can download it for free from here. The SUN web site will tell you if you already have the current version.

Important: After downloading, installing and enabling the SUN Java plugin, you must reinstall the JSyn plugin from here.

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