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If you get a SynthException: Memory Allocation Failed

SynthException: Memory Allocation Failed

This can easily happen if you allocate large SynthSamples or SynthTables. The memory for these lives in the native 'C' heap. It does not grow automatically like the Java heap. But you can allocate yourself a larger heap several ways.

For CodeWarrior, edit your target properties by selecting "{targetname} Settings..." from the Edit menu. Then select the "Java MacOS Settings". Change the Minimum and Maximum Heap Sizes which are expressed in KB. So if you want a 4 MegaByte heap, enter 4096 for the Maximum Heap size. Click Save.

For JBindery, set the Minimum and Maximum Heap Sizes when you save the application settings. These only apply to saved applications so if you run your Java program directly from JBindery you will not get the updated size.

See also OutOfMemoryError.

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