JSyn - modular synthesis API for Java.
JMSL - Java Music Specification Language
PortAudio - cross platform audio I/O API for 'C'

WARNING - This tutorial describes the old original JSyn API. Please refer to the current docs for more up-to-date information.

JSyn Tutorial

Low Frequency Modulation

In this example, we are using a SineOscillator to modulate (wiggle) the frequency of a TriangleOscillator. The SineOscillator frequency is set to a very low value, like 5-10 Hz so that it causes a slow wiggle in the TriangleOscillator frequency. The SineOscillator in this situation is referred to as an LFO, or "Low Frequency Oscillator". The sine wave is added to a constant value that determines the center frequency of the TriangleOscillator.


To see how I did this, please look at the source code for this Java Applet.