Wire Tutorial - Add Modules

The Wire software and documentation is Copyright 2000-2008 by SoftSynth.com, All Rights Reserved

A Wire Patch is made of Modules that can be connected together. Let's start by adding a couple modules to the Top Patch.

  1. Click on the window named "TopPatch".
  2. Select "SawtoothOscillatorBL" from the "Add, Oscillators" menu. That means click on the "Add" menu in the TopPatch window. Then select ""SawtoothOscillatorBL" from the "Oscillators" submenu.
  3. Select "LineOut" from the "Add, I/O" menu.
  4. Drag the lineOut to the right hand side of the window by clicking down on its top rectangle and dragging the mouse to the right..
You should see something like this:
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