Wire Tutorial - Connecting and Disconnecting

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Modules have input and output ports. The outputs are generally marked with a black square at the right side. They are often, but not always, called "output".

Making a Connection

You can make a signal flow from an output to an input by connecting them with a line. Let's connect the sawtooth oscillator to the lineOut.  Don't be alarmed if you suddenly hear sound.
  1. Click down on the "output" of the oscillator and drag a line to the "input" of the lineOut. Connecting must always start with an output port.
  2. Notice that the inputs to the lineOut are highlighted as you drag over them. This tells you that they will accept the connection.
  3. Release the mouse button over an input to complete the connection.
  4. You should be hearing a sound. If not, then adjust your sound system.
You should see something like this:


You can move a connection from one input to another. To disconnect you drag the connection off of the input.
  1. Click down on the input port of the lineOut and drag the mouse around. Notice that you get a rubber band line.
  2. Move the mouse over the other input and release the mouse button.
  3. Click on a connected input and drag the mouse to a blank area..
  4. Release the mouse button to disconnect the jack.

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