Package com.softsynth.jsyn.circuits

Class Summary
AnalogSnare Cheezy Analog Snare sound.
CrossSVFilter Cross Coupled State Variable Filters Each filter frequency modulates the other.
FilteredSawtoothBL Band limited sawtooth wave table played through a state variable resonant filter.
FMOperator FM Operator Sine wave oscillator with amplitude envelope and control mixers.
FMPair FM Pair Based on Andrew Gram's FMCircuit.
FMPairEnv FM Pair with Amplitude Envelopes on Modulator and Carrier.
LagAmpNoise Red Noise amplitude multiplied by a LinearLag
LagFilteredNoise Filtered WhiteNoise amplitude modulated by a LinearLag.
NoiseModSwoop NoiseModSwoop Sine----\ Lag--\ Scale------\ Noise-->Filter----> Output
ParabolicGrain ParabolicEnvelope modulating a sine wave.
PingSound Ping Sound Filters a sawtooth wave.
PluckedString Implement plucked string algorithm using JSyn
PluckSample PluckSample class for Java Audio Synthesis
PoissonTrigger Generate triggers with a Poisson distribution.
Reverb1 Reverberation This simple reverb uses one pole low pass filters in the feedback loop of several delay lines.
RingModBell Bell generated by ring modulating two triangle waves.
Swarm Swarm Each element of swarm contains an ExponentialLag connected to the Frequency of an oscillator.
TunedPluckedString Implement plucked string algorithm using JSyn
WaveShapingOscillator WaveShaping sound circuit.
WindSound Wind Sound Create a wind-like sound by feeding white noise "shshshshsh" through a randomly varying state filter to make a "whooowhoosh" sound.