Package com.softsynth.jsyn

Interface Summary
ChunkHandler Handle IFF Chunks as they are parsed from an IFF or RIFF file.
Gateway Gateway interface to provide version synchronization between plugins and applets.

Class Summary
AddUnit This unit performs a signed addition on its two inputs.
AddUnsignedUnit This unit performs UNsigned addition on its two inputs.
AppletFrame Frame that allows a program to be run as either an Application or an Applet.
AudioDevice Provides information on the enumerated audio devices that are available for use.
BusReader BusReader unit.
BusWriter BusWriter unit.
ChannelIn ChannelIn unit.
ChannelOut ChannelOut unit.
CompareUnit CompareUnit unit.
CrossFade CrossFade unit.
CuePoint CuePoint for a SynthSample.
DelayUnit DelayUnit unit.
DivideUnit This unit divides InputA by InputB.
DualInTwoOutUnit This unit splits a dual (stereo) input to two discrete outputs.
EnvelopePlayer EnvelopePlayer unit.
EnvelopePoints Vector that contains duration,value pairs.
EqualTemperedTuning Equal Tempered Tuning Calculates frequencies based on pitch indices.
ExponentialLag Output approaches Input exponentially.
Filter_1o1p Filter_1o1p unit.
Filter_1o1p1z Filter_1o1p1z unit.
Filter_1o1z Filter_1o1z unit.
Filter_2o2p Filter_2o2p unit.
Filter_2o2p2z Filter_2o2p2z unit.
Filter_BandPass BandPass Filter This filter is based on the BiQuad filter.
Filter_BandStop Filter_BandStop This filter is based on the BiQuad filter.
Filter_HighPass Lowpass Filter This filter is based on the BiQuad filter.
Filter_HighShelf Filter_HighShelf This filter is based on the BiQuad filter.
Filter_LowPass Filter_LowPass This filter is based on the BiQuad filter.
Filter_LowShelf Filter_LowShelf This filter is based on the BiQuad filter.
Filter_PeakingEQ Filter_PeakingEQ This filter is based on the BiQuad filter.
Filter_StateVariable State Variable Filter This filter is based on the State Variable Filter described in Hal Chamberlain's "Musical Applications of MicroProcessors".
FourWayFade FourWayFade unit.
ImpulseOscillator ImpulseOscillator unit.
ImpulseOscillatorBL ImpulseOscillatorBL unit.
IntegrateUnit IntegrateUnit unit.
InterpolatingDelayUnit InterpolatingDelayUnit
LatchUnit LatchUnit unit.
LinearLag Output approaches Input linearly.
LineIn LineIn unit.
LineOut LineOut unit.
MaximumUnit MaximumUnit unit.
MinimumUnit MinimumUnit unit.
MultiplyAddUnit MultiplyAddUnit unit.
MultiplyAddUnsignedUnit MultiplyAddUnsignedUnit unit.
output = (inputA * inputB) + inputC;
MultiplyUnit MultiplyUnit.
MultiplyUnsignedUnit MultiplyUnsignedUnit unit.
PanControlUnit PanControl unit.
PanUnit Pan unit.
ParabolicEnvelope ParabolicEnvelope unit.
ParseIFF Parse EA style IFF File IFF is a file format that allows "chunks" of data to be placed in a hierarchical file.
ParseRIFF Parse PC style RIFF File RIFF is a modification of the IFF standard for Little Endian Intel based machines.
PeakFollower Tracks the peaks of an input signal.
PinkNoise PinkNoise unit.
PitchDetector PitchDetector unit.
PulseOscillator PulseOscillator unit.
PulseOscillatorBL PulseOscillatorBL unit that is bandlimited to prevent aliasing artifacts.
RedNoise RedNoise unit.
SampleReader SampleReader base class.
SampleReader_16F1 SampleReader_16F1 unit.
SampleReader_16F2 SampleReader_16F2 unit.
SampleReader_16V1 SampleReader_16V1 unit.
SampleReader_16V2 SampleReader_16V2 unit.
SampleWriter SampleWriter base class.
SampleWriter_16F1 SampleWriter_16F1 unit.
SampleWriter_16F2 SampleWriter_16F2 unit.
SawtoothOscillator SawtoothOscillator unit.
SawtoothOscillatorBL SawtoothOscillator unit that is bandlimited to prevent aliasing artifacts.
SawtoothOscillatorDPW Sawtooth oscillator that is bandlimited to prevent aliasing artifacts.
SchmidtTrigger SchmidtTrigger unit.
SelectUnit SelectUnit unit.
SharedSleeper Allow multiple threads to sleep on a single resource such as a non-real-time software synthesizer.
SineOscillator SineOscillator unit.
SquareOscillator SquareOscillator unit.
SquareOscillatorBL SquareOscillatorBL unit.
StateVariableFilter Deprecated. Use Filter_StateVariable instead.
SubtractUnit SubtractUnit unit.
Synth Provides general control over synthesizer, constants.
SynthAlert SynthAlert class to display error messages from JSyn.
SynthBusInput SynthBusInput port that can connect to multiple SynthBusOutputs
SynthBusOutput SynthBusOutput port that can connect to one SynthBusInputs
SynthChannelData The SynthChannelData class is a container for digital audio data.
SynthCircuit SynthCircuits contain SynthUnits connected together to make a complex circuit or patch.
SynthContext This class provides a context for the synthesis to occur.
SynthDataQueue SynthDataQueue class for Java Audio Synthesis.
SynthDistributor SynthDistributor class for Java Audio Synthesis A SynthDistributor acts as a single input port that maps to multiple ports inside a SynthCircuit.
SynthEnvelope The SynthEnvelope contains a set of duration value pairs that describe a contour, or a function in time.
SynthEnvelopeQueue SynthEnvelopeQueue class for Java Audio Synthesis
SynthFilter Super class for other Filter, Delays, and other processing units.
SynthInput SynthInput is an input port for a SynthUnit.
SynthMixer SynthMixer class for Java Audio Synthesis.
SynthNote SynthCircuit that can play "notes" with frequency and amplitude specified.
SynthObject Root class for all JSyn units, samples, envelopes, etc.
SynthOscillator Root class for various oscillators.
SynthOutput SynthPort class for Java Audio Synthesis
SynthPort SynthPort class for Java Audio Synthesis
SynthSample The SynthSample class is a container for digital audio data.
SynthSampleAIFF SynthSample that can load itself from a standard AIFF format file stream.
SynthSampleQueue SynthSampleQueue class for Java Audio Synthesis This class doesn't do much except generate compile-time errors if you accidentally try to queue envelope data on a sample queue.
SynthSampleWAV Sample that can load itself from a standard WAV format file.
SynthScalarPort SynthScalarPort are ports that have a simple scalar signal value.
SynthSound SynthSound is an interface that is used for the elemental SynthSounds or for collections of units called SynthCircuits
SynthTable The SynthTable class is a container for digital audio data.
SynthTablePort SynthTablePort is used for attaching a SynthTable to a unit generator that uses tables.
SynthUnit SynthUnits are the root class class for unit generators.
SynthVariable SynthVariables are ports that can be set but not connected.
TableOscillator TableOscillator uses an interpolating table lookup to calculate its output.
TriangleOscillator TriangleOscillator unit.
TunableFilter TunableFilter Base class for filters with frequency, Q and amplitude ports.
TwoInDualOutUnit This unit combines two discrete inputs into a dual (stereo) output.
WaveShaper WaveShaper unit.
WhiteNoise WhiteNoise unit.

Exception Summary
SynthException Exception class for JSyn Converts error values returned from native 'C' JSyn methods into readable error messages.