Wire Tutorial - Using a Knob

The Wire software and documentation is Copyright 2000-2008 by SoftSynth.com, All Rights Reserved

You can control various parameters using knobs or other graphical controllers. Let's use a knob to control frequency.

  1. Reconnect the oscillator to the lineOut if it is disconnected.
  2. Add a "NumericKnobModule" from the "Add, Miscellaneous" menu.
  3. An editor will appear. Set the "Maximum" to "3000.0" and press OK.
  4. Drag the units around until you can see them all clearly.
  5. Connect the "*" port of the fader to the oscillator frequency port by clicking on the "*" and dragging a line to the "frequency" port. The sound will stop if the frequency is zero.
  6. Change the knob value by clicking on the knob and moving the mouse up and down.
  7. If you click and move the mouse to the left you will have coarse control and can change values rapidly.
  8. If you click and move the mouse to the right you will have fine control and can make small adjustments.
  9. Click on the text under the knob and type "440.0" without the quotes.
  10. Note that the text area turns pink. This is to warn you that the value has not been saved.
  11. Hit the Enter key. You should hear the frequency change and the text area should turn white.
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