Mobileer ME3000 Polyphonic Ringtone Engine
Plays standard polyphonic ringtones from SP-MIDI files and Mobile XMF files. Ultra-low memory footprint for embedded systems. Ideal for mobile phones, handheld devices, electronic toys or low-cost musical instruments.
JavaSonics ListenUp
Applet for recording voice messages and uploading them to a server.
Audio/Music Synthesis API for Java. Wire is a Graphical Modular Sound Editor for JSyn. (Windows, Macintosh, and Linux)
Plugins, Developer SDK, Documentation, Example Applets, CSyn
Collaboration Server for music jams, chat and games.
WebDrum - a Multi-User Drum Jam using TransJam.
Other Products
DownLater - Download manager for scheduling the downloading of large files at a later time, demoware. (PC)
PortAudio - Cross-platform audio I/O library, free, open-source. (PC and Macintosh)
pForth - Highly  portable, 'C' based ANS Forth for workstations and embedded systems, public domain.
JMSL - Java Music Specification Language, an Algorithmic Composition API for Java with Nick Didkovsky

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