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Most questions are answered in the User Manual.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does DownLater say I need a cookie?

Many web sites like to track their visitors. For example, wants to know your e-mail address so they can send you announcements of new music. So the first time you download an MP3 song from the website, they ask for your e-mail address and then give you a "cookie" which is stored on your computer. From then on, whenever you ask for an MP3 song from that website, your browser will send the cookie along with your request. DownLater also has to send these cookies or else your request to download the song will be refused. DownLater can use the cookies from your browser but first you must get the cookie. Here is how:
  1. Download a file from the web site once using just your browser. Give the web site as much information as you feel comfortable with. Once you download a file you will have a cookie from them.
  2. Drag another file from the web sites web page and it should work. If not select the "Cookies..." item from the Options menu and make sure you are using the correct cookies for your browser and username.
  3. From now on, DownLater will reuse that cookie for that web site.

Why can't I drag-and-drop this URL from my browser onto DownLater?

There are three main reasons.
  1. The link is already highlighted. Click on an empty part of the web page and then try to drag-and-drop the link again.
  2. The link uses an icon instead of text which is not supported yet by DownLater. Please ask the web site to provide text links and also please ask to figure out how to support icons.
  3. The link is invalid. Try just clicking on it to see if it starts to download.
  4. The link is for an HTML file. Try clicking on the link to see where it takes you. If you want to intentionally download an HTML file then you will need to enable the option to do so using the "Download Options..."  item in the "Options" menu.
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